Why I sing:

My early life centered on a God fearing family who were hard working people who taught me good morals and family values. My family is very musical and I have many fond memories of my family playing instruments and singing. 

In spite of the hard work that my parents put into my life, I started experimenting with alcohol and drugs when I was around 15. I began to hang with the wrong crowd, I began to lie, manipulate, and steal to support my habits. I found myself in jails and institutions fighting an inner battle that had dominated my whole life. 

I struggled with low self esteem, guilt and worthlessness which would in turn fuel my addictive life. There was a down side to getting better and staying clean, which was the coming to grips with those I hurt. I found out just how much damaged I had caused my family and my friends…well I got so far down on myself that I didn’t want to go on so I decided that life had absolutely no meaning for me. In 2003 I asked Jesus to save me and went on thinking things would be ok after that; I would like to say that I did well but that wasn't the case things seemed to get even more difficult and I slipped again and found myself right back where I started. 

By 2012, I had been at the lowest point I ever thought I could go and it was there, where I literally thought that there was no hope for me left, so suicide seemed to be my way out of the pain and being caught up in that kind of whirlwind, if it were not for the hand of God on me, I simply would not be here today.


I was influenced by my brother growing up as he was successful in music and I wanted to sing like he did and so throughout the years I would learn how to sing. When the Lord touched my life He gave me a new song to sing so I sang it to Him. Some way, somehow He must have liked it because He ignited a spark in my heart and all I want to do is sing to Him and for Him. 

Being set free from drugs and alcohol to being set on fire to sing about the miracle working power of Christ, my life suddenly began to have purpose. I knew for the first time who I was and from that I discovered what I was to do – my Hope is that through the gift of singing, someone might find my source of strength....and that is Jesus, the Son of the Most High God; my Savior and my King!

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